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Top 10 Mermaid Party Ideas

Whether you are having an ‘Ariel: The Little Mermaid’, ‘Under the Sea’, ‘Splash’ or any kind of ocean or mermaid-themed party, these 10 mermaid party ideas can help you immerse your guests into your theme. A great tip is to set a dress code so that everyone can arrive as a part of the theme! Below are 10 different ideas with links to everything pictured to help bring your mermaid theme to life:

Eco-friendly Utensils: There is so much plastic in the ocean and it makes the mermaids sad! Be a role model and prove your dedication to the ocean, and help your party by opting for paper plates & wooden cutlery. You can buy the purple set through us, or opt to search for something similar at a general merchandise store; the pink plates and forks pictured are from Big W.

Via: Mermaid Plates & Bamboo Forks

Decorations: Try to continue being Eco-friendly with decorations if you can! Some easy and simple mermaid-themed decorations are:               

  • Crepe Paper is your friend! It can be used to create a beautiful backdrop, line a table or even hang from the roof to look like seaweed!
  • Paper Jellyfish Lanterns. These super simple but gorgeous jellyfish are a great display for this theme; They can be found on Amazon, eBay or made from paper lanterns and crepe paper!
  • A treasure chest! A fun little box that can be filled with party games, toys or just for decoration!
  • Shells! What a great way to bring the beach to your guests, display some shells!
  • Anything with scales! Scales are easy to draw onto anything and are also an easy pattern to find at a variety of stores.
  • Mermaid hanging swirls; you can buy the ones below or, it could also be a fun activity to print and cut your own!
  • Mermaid Name Game: A fun Icebreaker that everyone can discuss!   
Via: Jellyfish Lanterns, Crepe Paper, Mermaid Hanging Swirls & Mermaid Name Printable

A Mermaid: Make your party even more memorable with a mermaid entertainer! Mermaids are available for hire at the beach, pool, or your unique location! You can book us Here

The Little Mermaid themed kids party
Mermaid Sepha at Selenes birthday party, surprising them by the pool! Captured by MoiraVellaPhotography

The Cake: An integral part of any party! So many things can be done with cake/cupcakes so why not include it in your theme? You can do something as easy as adding blue sprinkles or buying/printing a mermaid image and attach toothpicks to stick it in the cake as a decoration, or you can go all out and create or buy a mermaid-themed cake or cupcakes! 

Via: Create This Mermaid Cake & Cupcakes

Drinks: Who doesn’t love a Mermaid Potion? There’s so much that can be done with drinks so why keep them plain? There are a few easy things you can do to keep your drinks on theme such as adding food-coloured ice cubes or buying coloured drinks such as blue lemonade. You can take this a step further and make a large batch of drinks for your guests! Recipes below!

Via: Make this punch & Make this beautiful glass

A Jumping Castle: Who doesn’t love a jumping castle? They are an easy way to entertain guests of all ages! There are so many sizes and styles out there these days that you can now even book mermaid castles! We have teamed up with Western Sydney Jump to create a Mermaid & Castle package deal! Check it out: Here


Food: Just like drinks, if they’re going to be there anyway, why not make it part of the theme?              

  • Sushi is an excellent potential food option as whatever the filling, it includes seaweed (which mermaids love)!
  • Cute crab Croissants: Not made of crab but instead croissants that look like crabs! An adorable way to feed your guests!
  • Ocean Fruit Salad: Grapes are a great-looking fruit for this event but if you want to take it a step further use some ocean animal cookie cutters; these are bound to bring a smile to people’s faces!
  • For some sweet ideas check: Mermaid Desserts
Via: Crab Croissants & Create this Under the Sea Fruit Salad

Invitations: Set the tone of your event with themed invitations! You can easily create your own in Canva or Word, printing ones that are readily available online or, purchasing them at your local party store! Make sure to include the theme on the invitation and, if you have decided that you want guests to come in dress up include a ‘dress code’ section! We created a ‘save the date’ just for you! Both of the invitations below are printable; for more like the 2nd one have a look at: Free Invitations

Party Favours: A beautiful way for your guests to bring some of the party back home with them! For children’s parties, lolly bags are also a great gift! We provide ‘Party Clams’ as an add-on if you want to have favours, but avoid the hassle of putting them together! Otherwise, a simple DIY can be to buy white or blue paper bags and decorate them with printouts, etc. Another cute and timeless idea is a message in a bottle! Below are a few ideas of some party favours for your guests:


Backdrop or Photobooth: Prepare for the promotion of your event with an amazing backdrop! It is simple to create or buy a backdrop for your event. You can place it behind a food table or make a special ‘photo booth’ type area. This installation is especially fun if your guests are dressed up accordingly!        

  • Create one with crepe paper!
  • Stick Printouts up!
  • Fabric Backdrops that can be made from curtains or purchased online.
Via: Crepe paper & Purchase this Fabric Backdrop


Mermaid Elmora

Mermaid Elmora


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