Mermaid Themed Parties

Hire A Mermaid specialises in memorable mermaid parties! We aspire to create catered experiences that will be talked, and thought about for years to come!
What we do at your party is dependent on a few things; the strength of the children, their safety gear, your location, and your needs. Our standard package is for 1 hour, however if you want more time we can organise that! At your party some things to expect are:

  • Swimming and performing tricks/ sit with the party guests and:
  • Play fun games!
  • Edutainment about the ocean and sea critter friends!
  • Mermaid questions and answers

  • Photo opportunities

Each party will be different and custom to you so if you have any special requests please let us know!

Your Questions Answered
10 fabulous ideas for your next mermaid themed event!
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