Frequently Asked Questions: What i need to know

Everything you need to know; Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can Hire A Mermaid? Anyone can Hire A Mermaid; there is no age limit, Who doesn’t want to meet a mermaid? Growing older doesn’t change that! What can you Hire A Mermaid for?      Pool parties or events   Beach surprises Land meet & greets Mermaid/Merman transformation & photoshoot Virtual Meets  Personalised Videos Weddings Advertising 

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Top 10 Mermaid Party Ideas

Whether you are having an ‘Ariel: The Little Mermaid’, ‘Under the Sea’, ‘Splash’ or any kind of ocean or mermaid-themed party, these 10 mermaid party ideas can help you immerse your guests into your theme. A great tip is to set a dress code so that everyone can arrive as a part of the theme!

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The Origins of Hire a Mermaid

How we started? Where do we service? What do we offer?  In the waters of Sydney, there is more than meets the eye as you admire the city’s glistening beaches. What could that be? Well, mermaids of course; and there are plenty of them! When mermaids gather together in groups they’re called a pod. Mermaid

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