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Everything you need to know; Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions: What i need to know

Who can Hire A Mermaid?

Anyone can Hire A Mermaid; there is no age limit, Who doesn't want to meet a mermaid? Growing older doesn't change that!

What can you Hire A Mermaid for?     

  • Pool parties or events  
  • Beach surprises
  • Land meet & greets
  • Mermaid/Merman transformation & photoshoot
  • Virtual Meets 
  • Personalised Videos
  • Weddings
  • Advertising 
  • Corporate Events
  • Festivals or Markets
  • Models
  • Tank & Aquarium shows
  • Custom Events!
  • We also participate in charities, so if you know any that needs a mermaid, let us know!
Professional Mermaid Job- What can I hire a mermaid for
Mermaid meet and greet on land

What do the mermaids do?     

  • In the pool: It is up to you if you want to have guests swim with the mermaid, interact on land with the mermaid in the water, or just observe. Since pools generally have deeper water we are able to do a variety of activities such as mermaid tricks; games such as swimming races, diving for sinkers, marco-polo, mermaid rides, etc.
  • On Land: A number of our performances are on land; We are there to answer curious questions, create beautiful and unforgettable memories with photo opportunities and we can also play games such as Charades, Musical statues, etc.
  • For Photoshoots: we will arrive with all the selected gear, help you transform and give you tips and tips for mer-mazing poses while our professional photographer captures your experience! Mermaid/Merman transformation & photoshoot
  • Advertising: Create a memorable advertisement of your choosing to capture peoples attention and make it so they never forget your brand.
  • Custom Events! Let us know your vision and we will try to accommodate your requests!

What do I need to know?     

  • To book: Contact us via our contact form, or email us at info@hireamermaid.com.au let us know what you’d like to Hire A Mermaid for, the date and time that you were hoping for, and the expectations of your event and the mermaid. Note: Your booking is not booked until full payment is confirmed
  • Once your event is booked; Arriving: The mermaid and her mertender (assistant) will arrive early to get in the tail and set up; please ensure that guests are distracted during this time, in another location so we can maintain the magic. 
  • During the event: Depending on the location of your event the mermaid will perform tricks, interact with the guests, tell mermaid stories or facts about the ocean and its creatures, etc.  Note: An adult must be present at all times at any event.
  • Leaving the event: Always prepare an exit plan; start to move all guests that you wish to maintain the magic of the real mermaid away so that the mermaid can get remove her tail and exit. Common ideas are to have cake or to play games such as hitting a pinata or pin the tail on the donkey. 
  • After your event: We will send you any photos/videos we took and hope that you will leave us a review here . Hope that we will SEA you again!
Kids party pool games

How long does a mermaid session last? 

  • Our standard rate is for 1 hour however, we can, and have add additional time.

Can we hire multiple mermaids? 

  • Ab-shelly-utley! The more mermaids the merrier. This gives guests more opportunity for interaction and the mermaids can do tricks/ games together.

What happens if it rains? 

  • We always recommend a wet weather plan. We have no problem staying outside in light rain or moving inside. If you decide to change your location, please notify us with a minimum of 2 hours before your start time.

Can boys have a mermaid party/ do boys interact? 

  • Yes! We have done a number of events where the boys have been engaged the entire time. Everyone loves mermaids; despite gender, age, culture!

What is the mermaid concept?

  • Our mermaids take on a ‘mersona’ which is just like pretending to be a princess, superhero, etc. This mersona is essentially playing a unique mermaid character, with a backstory and all! This helps to make the experience more real and believable.
Mermaid Elmora

Mermaid Elmora


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