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What to expect when you Hire A Mermaid for a Beach Pop-Up surprise

How is it made a surprise?

To avoid any chance of the kids and other people at your event seeing us walk up to the beach and put our tails on we:

  • Communicate with you where you will be prior and, confirm where you are just before we arrive.
  • Arrive 10-30 minutes in advance so that we can get our tails on and await your arrival.

How long do you stay?

1 session lasts 60 minutes (1 hour), but if you wanted more time we can arrange that for you.

What happens when time is up? How is the mermaid magic maintained?

We rely on you to keep an eye on the time because mermaids do not have phones or watches! Once the time is up, if it is good weather and there are no hazards in the water you can say something like “The mermaid has to go home now before it gets dark” and we can swim away! This is especially helpful with children’s parties to help them be okay with the mermaid leaving. Otherwise, if the weather is not ideal you can close up by saying things like “Say thank you to the mermaid for talking to us but we should head back home now” or something more motivating can be “There is cake ready up at the table, let’s go!”.

What happens while you’re there?

It does vary from group to group depending on weather, age, etc. Some common things we do are:

  • Q&A (Questions and Answers). Generally, both kids and adults have varying questions and we are happy to provide answers! Mermaids also have questions about human life that we would be thrilled to have answered!
  • Photo opportunities. Capture the time you met a mermaid to show friends and family!
  • Different kinds of games/ activities. If we are on the sand we can play charades or create challenges for participants to get involved in; whereas if we are in the water we can play chasing or sinker toy games, do tricks and splash around, or even just swim together!
  • Animal Facts!
  • Mermaid stories!

Do you need to bring anything?

No! You do not need to bring anything besides yourself and the people you wish to meet a mermaid! A phone or camera can be useful if you wish to show others the time you met a mermaid but, whether you bring one or not is entirely up to you. 

Do we provide extras?

Yes! We appreciate you choosing to support our small business and, to say thank you, with every booking we provide a small gift as a special keepsake. There are also add-ons available such as party bags, jumping castles, facepaint, cakes, and more!

What happens if it rains or there is unsafe or poor weather?

This is one of our most common questions and, we are happy for you to rebook for another day or, change your location to an indoor area as long as you provide a minimum of 2 hours’ notice of the change before the event.

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Mermaid Elmora

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