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The Origins of Hire a Mermaid


How we started? Where do we service? What do we offer? 

In the waters of Sydney, there is more than meets the eye as you admire the city’s glistening beaches. What could that be? Well, mermaids of course; and there are plenty of them! When mermaids gather together in groups they’re called a pod. Mermaid pods can be found all over the world! In 2019-2020 we started to practice Mermaiding. What is Mermaiding you ask? Well, essentially it’s when people put on a mermaid tail and swim in it! We joined the local Sydney mermaid pod and started to get to know each other. Over time, we became close friends and it was truly fulfilling to be able to swim together. Amid this, It was an undeniable bonus being able to see both children and adults light up at the sight of us. Over time, we received lots of attention, people of all ages were always fascinated by our tails and we would often be approached out of interest. After all, mermaids are unique and amazing creatures like no other, it isn’t every day you get to see one, let alone meet one! 

After seeing how happy people were getting just by watching us do something we already loved to do, on top of receiving expressions of interest for events we thought; why not offer our fellow humans our services and allow them to see us in action? It is not every day you get to have an experience with a mermaid and if we could help fulfil somebody’s childhood dream or even just give people something to smile about, we are overjoyed to do so. This is where ‘Hire a Mermaid’ started to come to light. 

Now we offer a variety of services all over the coast of NSW, VIC & QLD; such as mermaid parties, beach pop-ups, virtual or pre-recorded meetups, mermaids for media marketing/ advertising, and, public or private corporate events. We do not discriminate against age or gender; everyone is welcome to meet a mermaid!

Events are flexible to your needs and, depending on the location of your event your mermaid/s can be stationary for photoshoots, swim around, or have a heartfelt storytime about mermaid life. We also help create custom experiences, so if you want to swim alongside a mermaid or borrow a tail let us know and we will do our best to make your merdreams come true!

To enquire, email us at: info@hireamermaid or fill out our contact form: https://www.hireamermaid.com.au/contact-us/

Mermaid Elmora

Mermaid Elmora


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